Party Menu
$27.95 per person
Delivery additional
Minimum of 25 people
*Please choose one item from each category and 2 from Small Bites*

Fruit & cheese display
A beautiful assortment imported & domestic cheeses & fresh fruit
Vegetable crudite
An assortment of fresh & grilled vegetables, including carrots, celery, jicima, zucchini & peppers,
served with a spinach dip & ranch

Mediterranean crudite
With an assortment of raw, grilled, and marinated vegetables, olives, feta cheese, spreads & dips

Warm artichoke-spinach dip
Served with fresh pita chips
Smoked queso blanco
With smoked chiles, onions & tomatoes,
served with fresh tortilla chips

Salsa bar
With house-made tortilla chips,
pico de gallo & guacamole salsa

House-made potato chips
With caramelized shallot aioli
& white-bean truffle dip

Honey-chipotle glazed chicken

Wrapped in bacon
& drizzled with chipotle honey

Thai beef skewers
With sweet chile sauce
Blue cheese stuffed dates
Wrapped in smoked bacon
Adobo-chicken skewers
Drizzled with chimichurri
Pork potstickers
Drizzled with a soy-sesame sauce
Spanakopita triangles
Stuffed with spinach & feta cheese
BBQ grilled shrimp skewers
With grilled red onions
Mini pizzettas
Fontina cheese, roma tomatoes & fresh basil

An assortment of house favorites, such as cabernet-poached pears, chocolate-dipped strawberries, coconut macaroons & almond sugar cookies

Mini steak sandwiches

Sliced sirloin on soft rolls,
served with caramelized onions & horseradish sauce

Chicken pesto spiral
Chicken wrapped with spinach, roasted red peppers, black olives & pesto cream cheese
Cocktail sandwiches
Mini croissants filled with sliced turkey & ham, baby greens & roasted red pepper aioli

Blue cheese crostini

Topped with a blue cheese spread
& an red onion marmalade

Smoked chicken salad
With cranberries & toasted walnuts
Italian bruschetta
Grilled bread served with a
tomato-garlic-basic relish

Tuscan crostini
With herbed-goat cheese,
sundried tomatoes & fresh basil